How do you fit a square peg into a round hole?

CoolI came across an earlier writing of mine  - hence the sharing of it!

How do you fit a square peg into a round hole? With great difficulty!  A simple illustration - akin to the adaptions needed for a disabled person to fit into an able bodied world.  Our family learnt this with first hand experience.  Our youngest child was born profoundly disabled - we were told.  Incredibly naive - first thoughts were just that she live.  The disability created many challenges - eating - drinking - walking - running - playing - sleeping and talking.  To you and me these tasks almost managed automatically withy little thought or planning!  To drink - special teats, eye dropper, teaspoon, milk, soybean milk, controversy!  To eat food - most of us can eat any food - maybe with a few dislikes.  Her disability created huge challenges around food - everything mattered i.e. colour, consistency, brand - at times I pushed our boundaries THE RESULT vomiting  THE RISK  aspiration pneumonia.  Mealtimes for you and me usually 3 times a day - adaptions needed = 7 meals a day - often taking an hour at a time.  This really affected family life.  Thw success of the day was measured by the FOOD INTAKE managed / achieved!  Running never a possibility  Walking never like you and me but walk she did At about age 7 with INCREDIBLE determination - a walking frame -  a support person and a face of beaming smiles.  Playing for a child - the way of learning.  Imagine needing someone to help you to play?  Disability can cause dependence - dependence not always understood - PLAY for a child is usually all day long.  Our wee girl could only play if people could help - people were paid to assist her to play.  RESULT - a face beaming with smiles - Worth it? need I say more.

Sleep not like you and I.  The first 3 years it was unusual for her to settle before 2.30am - in later years that was to improve  - earlier than midnight.  It was the disability causing that.  Obviously huge adaptions were made by our family to accommodate this.  The whole family felt disabled.  Looking back I know we learnt a lot and taught a lot about accommodating disability in the able bodied world.  Fitting the square peg into the round hole. 

May this increase your awareness of the disabled as it did for us!  Cool