Sharing our learning

27. Jan, 2018

🙂 wishing you a Happy and fun 2018.

looking back I realise I spent a lot of time making special memories and creating fun times - knowing we may not have a long time together.  I feel that started at the hospital when we were given so little hope.  Reading our story I realise Melissa's needs were indeed 24/7 and I guess I reliase now that took it's toll on our family life.  I still know we did the best we could and we did get smiles and giggles daily.  

5. Mar, 2016

🙂We took Melissa to Napier to visit hubby’s sister.  At age eight and a half it was just awesome watching Melissa playing with their granddaughter.  We realised how much Melissa had grown and we observed the progress she had made.  It was a special day.  They both watched the video The Wizard of Oz and we were amazed to see Melissa so engrossed, age appropriate and happy. 

From that day on videos were introduced into her programme and soon she had her favourites. She loved the Our World Series and in particular the penguins.  We played them over and over for her and Lord of the Dance was another favourite. 

More progress was made as Melissa mastered sitting confidently astride a green roll provided by her therapist!

22. Feb, 2016


A goal it seemed Melissa had set for herself was to suck her thumb. It was not that easy, but she was determined. She put her thumb up, looked at it, and tried to get it into her mouth. It missed and went to the side. She spent almost all of one day trying hard to get her thumb into her mouth. Melissa was determined and would not give up. I felt helpless. Finally after a whole day of hits and misses she got it right.
Melissa had found her own comfort. She was so clever and I was proud of her hard earned milestone. Melissa did love her thumb. We could never have given her a dummy, as they were all too big for her little wee mouth. It was almost as though Melissa had worked that out for herself. - our clever wee girl :)
14. Feb, 2016

The worst thing for us was when Melissa started to cry.  Very quickly she would start vomiting.  This we were warned by our paediatrician could put Melissa at risk of aspiration pneumonia.  Vomiting was the last thing I could cope with when feeding Melissa was always our greatest challenge. 

For some time I did not realise that the vomiting was also attributed to constipation.  In those days we did not know about or understand this. I learnt and understood more about the vomiting constipation problem when I was spending time with another mother who had a high needs child.  Constipation contributed to the vomiting.

The information I needed was not out of a textbook, but from the experiences of other mothers. 

there are further tips we learnt throughout my sharing on this website!